“Bob Allgaier and his crew at Yakima Automotive are the best for my Cadillac. Appointments are kept, and you get your car in on time, all the time. The work is professionally done and with professional parts per your exact automobile, make, model, and year. No cutting corners with Yakima Automotive. Only go here for all of your automotive service and repair needs. ”
-Wayne Nelson

Customer Testimonials


Yakima Automotive Inc Reviews

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“An out-of-town business associate was visiting, and his car broke down. He asked the tow driver where he should go to get his car fixed. The tow driver suggested Yakima Automotive and my friend was very pleased with the work they did. So when I heard some squealing in my 1984 El Camino, I took it to Yakima Automotive. I'm not an automotive guy, but Yakima Automotive explained the work that needed to be done in words that I could understand. They did the work for the amount they quoted me and got it done in the amount of time they said it would take. I had taken my car to another shops in Yakima, but I was not happy with the work. My car is running great now.”

- Pat Gilmore
“I'm pretty fussy about who works on my cars. Yakima Automotive does a great job at a fair price. The folks there are knowledgeable and friendly, and they get the job done in a timely manner. I'm very pleased with the quality of service they provided on my '60 Corvette and '67 Shelby GT500. Yakima Automotive is a pleasure to work with.”
- Pete Bansmer,Classic car collector
“We've gone to Yakima Automotive for maintenance and repairs on all of our vehicles for over 30 years now. They are very thorough and they are always on the lookout for potential problems with our car. If they do find something, they give us a call and let us decide whether to fix it or not. They have never pressured us to have any work done. Yakima Automotive is the only place we trust to work on our Mercury Sable and Chevrolet Caprice.”
- Don and Ruth Merritt
“I've taken my Toyota to Yakima Automotive since I moved back to town in 2006. They've done all the maintenance for me plus I bought tires and a battery from them. One time when I took my car in, I was supposed to meet some friends for lunch but couldn't because my car was being worked on. When I mentioned this to Heidi, she grabbed her keys and drove me to the restaurant so I could join my friends for lunch. That's the kind of personal attention that I know I won't find any place other than Yakima Automotive.”

-Gay Dawley


Reviews Posted on Demand Force

★★★★ Barbara L.
Thank you for being so service oriented. I feel appreciated as a customer and that you care about your service. Thanks

★★★★★ Greg S.
Just about the best I have ever seen. I have zero complaints.

★★★★★ JJ S 
It was very nice doing business with you. Courteous, efficient, reasonable rates. The workmanship was excellent, and I am very happy with what you did for my car.

★★★★★ Steve C.
This ain't your normal quickie lube place. Bob and his crew actually make sure to tighten down all components so your engine doesn't seize up from a loose oil pan drain plug. I've tried Rainfords, Oil Can Henry's and all those guys in the past and have had it with pimply faced teenagers messing with my vehicle. Bob's highly trained and quality team not only does the job right ... they also stand behind their work.

★★★★ Doug B.
I was pleased with the notion I could leave the car for an initial diagnosis, and very appreciative that the car was ready for pickup following diagnosis, phone call with estimate, and repair completed without even making an appointment! thank you kindly!

★★★★ Anonymous 
I thought I needed a new brake master cylinder but the shop diagnosed a small hole in a brake line instead.

★★★★★ Judy L.
Excellent service, as always and sure do appreciate the use of a loaner!

★★★★★ Greg S.
I believe that Yakima Automotive is the best place to take a vehicle. All repairs are thoroughly explained, and they are so helpful to me since I live and work far from their location.

★★★★★ Sam H.
They always do a good job.

★★★★★ Wade B.
Our 2001 Exploers water pump seized up as we were driving east of Yakima which ended up breaking the serpentine belt. Needless to say we were dead in the water. A State Trooper showed up to help, and shortly after Matt from action Towing was there to load our rig up and haul it in to Yakima. Matt recommended Yakima Automotive, so I called the next morning and they had us back on the road later that day. They were very professional and very helpful, I would highly recommend their shop, and take my business there if I lived in Yakima. Thanks for all your help, y'all helped turn a low point in our trip into a very positive experience. Thanks

★★★★★ Cindy H.
Couldn't ask for a better bunch of people!

★★★★★ Irma Jean R.
no matter how hard the job or what time day I drop off the car...I feel like I am the only the making me 1st in line always. Thanks for the help with who going to buy the bill. I do but sometimes I need some creative thinking. Some with a few cards. Thanks for giving me a great ride.

★★★★★ Annette C.
My Honda dealer has been my "Go To" service shop since I bought my car but I recently took my car to Yakima automotive because it happened to be more convenient when my car was due for an oil change. I had been going to my auto dealer's service dept. because I assumed they cost less and were more familiar with my car. WRONG! Yakima Automotive services all makes and models and costs less than what I would have paid at my Honda dealers. The service was efficient, friendly and they were able to service my car within 2 days of phoning to make my appointment. (my dealer often had a 1 week wait time). I was also impressed that they delivered my car to my residence after it was serviced. Apparently, they try to do this for all customers and its a huge convenience that I appreciated. My car was running beautifully after the service, it was quieter on the highway and the overall cost was less than what I had paid at my Honda dealer. I will continue to bring my car to Yakima automotive and will recommend it to all of my friends.

★★★★★ Sue R.
Gave fantastic service..always! I really don't know why I need to write more... That says it ALL!

★★★★★ Anonymous 
Went in for an oil change and, wouldn't you know it, found that my brakes were about to die and take me along with them. Got a refurbished master cylinder which went bad, too. Bob and the gang jumped all over the parts guy and got it replaced in a very timely manner with no additional cost. As usual, great service, friendly atmosphere, professional people. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

★★★★ Doug B.
I was most impressed with the effort you took to discover the problem and to stay with it until resolved!

★★★★★ Barbara L.
Very pleasant experience, accommodations were great in offering to help with transportation and for working with my Dad.

★★★★★ Judy L.
Outstanding service as usual. Attentive, accommodating, empathetic, and generous. Couldn't ask for better!

★★★★★ Mary B.
Thank you for helping 2 ladies in distress.
Still don't know where it came from. I think I will take to carwash. Have a good day

★★★★★ Irma JeanR.
Being a senior is no problem till you need to find someone to do your dirty work..working on a 1990 Pathfinder. You all are total super, how do you say it....YOU THE MAN! I'll be back; you are a necessary part of my extended family.

★★★★ Tom M.
Good service - as always. I will be back when I need service. Good suggestion on the gas guage problem.

★★★★ Cindy H.
Always a pleasure to be served @ Yak Auto!

★★★★★ Greg S.
Totally pleased with everything. Great customer service!

★★★★★ Glenn C.
Great service as usual! Thanks.

★★★★ Cindy H.
Always a great time to catch up and visit! :)

★★★★★ irma jean R.
My car got a great overlooking ... I feel it was totally checked out.

★★★★★ Adam K.
I've been taking my Trans Am here for almost ten years, now I have them work on my Sonoma, too. The father/ daughter team that runs the place are great people and genuinely care about what's best for you and your car. Their hourly labor rates are very competitive and there are never sketchy or bogus charges added onto the bill. The mechanics are amazing. If you want, you can even go out to the garage and talk directly to them. They will get it right the first time. I won't take my vehicles anywhere else.

★★★★ Mary R
Great service on little notice

★★★★★ Cole C.
Excellent service, honest and thorough.

★★★★★ Angela A.
They know my car better than I do! They are fast and very friendly and do an excellent job!

★★★★★ Anonymous 
Friendly, quick service. Car is now back to normal. Very happy!

★★★★★ Cathy Jo Y.
I always get great customer service from start to finish. I always recommend Yakima Automotive to everyone.

★★★★★ Jonita G.
I had just realized I was way overdue for my oil change on my Nissan Xterra so I immediately went to Yakima Automotive hoping they would get me in asap even though I had no appointment and it was during the busy work week afternoon. To my surprise they we're able to accommodate me with my ever so busy schedule, they took my car in right then and there! I was so happy and relieved! So my experience with Yakima Automotive was and is always a pleasant one! Thank you Yakima Automotive for being so awesome!

★★★★★ Addison L 
I recently had a car inspected before I was to purchase it. Since I live 4 hours away, I didn't want to drive there if the car didn't check out. Heidi was incredibly helpful and easy to talk to about the situation. I appreciated Dusty's honesty on the phone with not knowing much about the pricing of the appointment. All in all, it was a great experience and I will definitely take my next car to them.

★★★★★ Alison H.
I was referred to Yakima Automotive by a friend when I was having battery issues, (which actually turned out to be a blown main fuse)and Bob and his mechanics found the problem quickly and got me back on the road home to Wenatchee! Very friendly, knowledgeable service. My go-to place if I'm ever in need in Yakima.

★★★★★ Ross H.
We needed routine service plus finding the cause of a noise in the engine. The problem was quickly diagnosed and repaired and the price came in under the estimate. Overall we are extremely pleased with the quality of service and reasonable rates. The staff is very friendly and easy to talk to. This is why we recommend Yakima Automotive to our friends.

★★★★★ Bud S.
Really appreciate the friendly & courteous service & attitude of all the personnel. Also, the honest & realistic estimates, or any type of misleading information I've never experienced any"door-busting" quotes. Thank you all.

★★★★★ Joanne F.
I have been using Yak Automotive ever since they opened a number of years ago. I have found them to be honest in their assessment of the needs for repair and efficient in the timeliness of finishing a job. I trust that they will not advise work that is not necessary. They treat me with respect. Heidi is very friendly and helpful.

★★★★★ Anonymous 
I brought my car in for an oil change, left for a walk downtown. When I walked back into the office about 50 minutes later I was greeted cheerfully by name. It made me feel like I mattered and that Yakima Automotive cares about me! Thanks!

★★★★★ Chelsey L.
They always have great customer service, and do a great job on my vehicle. I had a friend who referred me to them, and i would refer anyone here. :) Thank you for taking such good care of your customers.

★★★★★ Ted P.
My car was repaired in a timely fashion and it works well. I am happy!

★★★★★ Don W 
The service at Yakima Automotive was excellent and friendly. Ms Heidi runs a tight ship and all services were done correctly. Yakima Auto is not the cheapest, but I take my business there because they are skilled and honest about what is best for me and my vehicles.

★★★★★ James G.
excellent service, will make an appointment for the Bronco soon.

★★★★★ Anonymous 
Everyone at Yakima Automotive worked so hard to help me keep my vehicle running it's best, while meeting the constraints of my budget! They were so friendly and helpful! Thank you!

★★★★★ Donna H.
Thank you Yakima Auto for fixing my car. I have been putting it off too long but I now feel a relief that is done.

★★★★★ Barbara L.
Great service, great smiles, great care and consistency

★★★★★ Don W.
The service was excellent, friendly and professional. You guys are the best. Thanks

★★★★★ Dylan B.
Fast, inexpensive and Heidi provides excellent customer service. I've been a loyal customer since my first oil change and I recommend them to friends, family and strangers alike.

★★★★★ Anonymous
Extremely technically proficient staff. Office manager very personable and will make every effort to accommodate customers. Been taking my vehicles here forever and never disappointed.

★★★★★ Doug R.
This home-town business is competent and their work is fairly priced. Customers are treated as individuals and not as part of a nameless public. The Golden Rule must be part of company policy.

★★★★★ Dez/Wil L.
Upon the arrival of warmer weather this week, it was discovered that the truck I purchased in January had a little problem with its Air Conditioning Unit. It would not cool, so I took it to Yakima Automotive, a place I had heard good things about. I was expecting a 600.00 dollar fix and a day or two in the shop. Within 3 hours, I had my truck back and cool air blasting at less than half the price I was afraid it would be! Great service, affordable rates....I know where I will go next time I encounter a problem! Yakima Automotive!

★★★★ Tom M.
Yes, good service. Work done on time and at the agreed on price. Yes, I will be back and will recommend your shop.

★★★★★ Robert A.
I had two new tires installed, and they gave me some vibration, so I asked Mike to check them. He did a whole bunch of stuff for free and made sure I was satisfied. Mike went WAY beyond what I expected and did a fabulous follow up and eliminated the vibration. My Camry has never performed better, and it has over 222K miles. Those guys will let me drive my car forEVER!! I Love em!! I wish they would paint it for me. :/

★★★★★ Ron W.
I have taken 2 trucks to Yakima Automotive. they are absolutely wonderful. What I like the most is they are honest with me, if something really doesn't have to get fixed they tell me it will be just fine, but they recommend when to fix it and what needs done. The mechanics there are OUTSTANDING and Heidi is AWESOME. I recommend all my co-workers to go to Yakima Automotive. oh...and each time I have gone there, their prices have been less than I expected. They are the BEST!

★★★★★ Mike D.
I've been taking my vehicles to Yakima Automotive since about 2001. I always receive quality & professional work, timely scheduling and work completion. Friendly folks too, they even remember my name & vehicle. I highly recommend them for your Automotive maintenance & repair needs.

★★★★★ Anonymous
Everyone at Yakima Automotive is always friendly and helpful! They get the job done quickly, and their prices are the most reasonable I've found in Yakima! Thank you!

★★★★★ Barbara L.
I was given an estimate for this service - I was then able to make an appointment without pressure from Yakima Automotive, they answered all my questions and provided additional services requested. Small oil leak afterward, Yakima Automotive got it in the next day and repaired no charge. Great communication, great work, great company.

★★★★★ Matt E.
I live in Seattle, and I called them on a Friday afternoon to see if they could do a pre-inspection on a used vehicle located in Yakima before the end of day. They immediately jumped into action, coordinated delivery of the vehicle from the dealer, completed a thorough inspection, and the owner even stayed late on a Friday evening just to make sure that I had my inspection done on time. He even emailed me the inspection report and called me to review it before leaving. The whole experience, including the front desk personnel, the great website, email systems, and follow up emails were extremely professional and classy.

★★★★ Don W.
I have taken my vehicles to Yakima Automotive for over a year. My cars have had several issues so I've been there for regular maintenance and significant repairs. Nobody likes car repair bills, but I feel like Yakima Automotive treats me fairly and honestly.

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