Why Us

More Affordable

Dealerships tend to charge a higher rate than a local auto repair shop. Dealerships employ mechanics that are manufacturer-trained which often times warrants a higher mechanic rate. Local independent car mechanics that are trained and certified by National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE, are equally qualified to perform specialized repairs specific to certain makes and models.

More Convenient

Often times, dealerships aren't located in your neighborhood, but rather out of the way of your daily travel routine. Local auto service shops deliberately position themselves in your neighborhood to provide the added value of a convenient location to their overall customer service position.

Trust Word of Mouth Comments

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Local car repair shops rely heavily on customer satisfaction ratings where dealerships perform to meet corporate standards more so than the approval of the customer.

Personal Attention

Neighborhood auto repair shops take pride in their long-standing relationships with their customers. This personal touch often times reaps benefits for the customer through discounts, added attention to detail, first-hand knowledge of car's history, etc. Typically, the layout of the customer service shops at dealerships diminishes the ability for the customer to speak one-on-one with the mechanic but rather you can only interface with a service manager.

Warranteed and Certified Auto Repair

When you get your vehicle serviced or repaired at Yakima Automotive, you are covered by the Certified Auto Repair Center warranty!

Honored at more than 35,000 repair centers nationwide, the Certified Auto Repair Worry-Free Nationwide Warranty covers you - no matter where you travel in the U.S.

36 months / 36,000 Miles Warranty - COAST-TO-COAST
Limited Warranty on Repair Work with Nationwide Coverage
24-hour Roadside Assistance

Quality service with a personal touch

Quality service with a personal touch

In today's fast paced society, the personal touch of day to day business has been replaced with convenience; "focus on the dollar" style of business management, and conveyor-belt service styles. The personal touch of the neighborhood auto repair shop seems but a memory like the old black and white shows of the 60s.

At Yakima Automotive, we believe that the heart and soul of every business is the relationships between businesses and their customers; and the lasting experiences provided. We take every measure to get to know our customers as people, not just business transactions. We take the extra time to assure our customers' confidence and understanding of what services we will be performing on their vehicle.

Our long standing customers continue to rely on us to help maintain their car because of the value we put on quality, integrity, and the genuine relationships we have with them.

You can rely on Yakima Automotive whenever you need to service your car in Yakima!

Kallie Szczepanski

I took my 14-year-old Toyota Corolla to Yakima Automotive this morning, and the techs there went above and beyond the call of duty to locate the source of the minor shimmy in my steering column, and get it fixed the same day. Even better, the total bill was way under $200! I highly recommend Yakima Automotive - they are quick, courteous, and honest.